Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Montana Eagle and Osprey Cams

Still image from Miles City Bald Eagle cam
4/21/14 UPDATE: We have a baby Bald Eagle this morning! Either someone reported the wrong egg-laying date, or the eagles have learned how to use a microwave for incubation. While the chick is young, watch for frequent feeding bouts, as they can't eat much at one time - yet.

A pair of Bald Eagles nesting in Miles City, in eastern Montana, laid their second egg about one week ago. The two adults will take turns keeping the eggs at a constant 99.5F degrees for approximately 35 days. Incubating eagles also roll their eggs over about every two hours. If the eggs make it, there should be chicks in the nest starting around May 12th. You can follow their progress on a live eagle cam here.

More eagle cams can be found here and here. The eagle cam at the Libby Dam is currently offline, but more information can be found here. Eagle information here.

The Osprey have returned to their Montana nests as well. Iris has returned to her Missoula nest (webcam here), and Ozzie and Harriet are back in their Lolo nest (webcam here).