Monday, June 16, 2014

The Bluebirds of Busy-ness

The new Mountain Bluebird family - so far (click to enlarge)
At least two Mountain Bluebirds eggs hatched today, here at the end of the road. Dad finally got to show his worth by making an almost continuous string of food deliveries to mom.

If mom read my bird books, then she would know to stay at the nest for the first 5-6 days after hatching, brooding the naked chicks to keep them warm until they grow a layer of downy feathers. Instead, she also made a few food deliveries. But for the most part, dad would fly in with food and land nearby, mom would come off the nest to join him, and he would stuff the insect and spider morsels into her beak. She then takes the food to the nest and feeds the bottomless pits that are baby birds. They may be featherless now, but the chicks will grow fast and fledge from the nest in about three weeks.