Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Venus / Jupiter Conjunction

Venus (lower) and Jupiter (higher) less than 0.3 degrees apart in the evening sky.
Wasn't feeling 100% last night but just had to photograph the Venus / Jupiter conjunction. Last night and tonight, the sky's brightest (Venus) and second-brightest (Jupiter) planets will be about 0.3 degrees apart -- less than the apparent width of a full moon, which also occurred last night. They are easy to find, just look west after sunset. Venus is lower and brighter, and binoculars will easily show you four of Jupiter's moons lit up as well.

 A single tree prevented this alignment while the osprey was awake, and the bird was sleeping when I could finally align the nest with Venus and Jupiter. I set the exposure for four seconds but held my hands over the front of my lens for the first three so shutter vibrations would dampen on my shaky tripod. Still a little blurry, oh well. Just being outside and witnessing the event was well worth half a pint of blood that the mosquitoes extracted as payment.